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Helifix Structural Solutions being applied and Helifix materials and tools
RM Builders and Contractors Ltd are one of the few certified and approved installers of the Helifix system in the South-West. We have installed and completed a large number of substantial remedial solutions and are therefore able to provide an experienced and reliable installation service. Steve Moore and Rob Moule are approved Helifix surveyors.
What is Helifix?
The Helifix systems comprise a number of structural solutions for specific situations. Helifix's versatile products are well proven within virtually all commonly used construction materials, combining strength, durability and holding power with the flexibility to allow normal building movement. They provide secure and lasting connections in new build applications and sustainable remedial solutions that greatly extend the life of existing structures. Helifix products and processes deliver considerable benefits that are both well recognised and highly regarded within the construction industry.

The Helifix system is based on three crucial elements:

  • Stainless steel remedial wall ties, helical bars, fixings and grouts, designed to work together
  • A nationwide group of trained and expert installers who, with Helifix, specify and apply the system
  • A unique insurance backed design and installation guarantee only available through Helifix approved installers
This forms the foundation of the one of the best available solutions for buildings in need of structural repair. In the large majority of cases, you are able to completely avoid the waste, expense and disruption associated with re-building damaged buildings using our Helifix structural repair solution.

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